Friday, January 1, 2010

What a PERFECT way to start 2010!!

Well today I woke up and decided that there was no better way to start out this new year then heading to Payson!! That's what we did......Cheyenna and Montana were spending the night at the Skinner' went and got them!! I love going to road trips.....only if they are under 2 hours anything over that my children go crazy!!

I am excited for this new year and wanted to let my children know that I love them dearly!! Now better way than going to Payson. :D

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reagan ear are pierced!!

Yes, she is almost 2 and we finally went and got Reagan's ear pierced!! Reagan looks just beautiful with them done. I picked out little pink flowers.......and they look just adorable on her!! When we went into the store Reagan was all happy because there were so many things to look at and AT HER LEVEL she could touch. Then I picked her up and sat her in my lap, we were putting dots on her ears as to where we were going to put the earrings!! Reagan is sitting there happy, and then we DID IT!! I was so proud of her.......yes, she cried but for a very short while. I think we had both of them pierced with in 5 minutes and she was all done crying, too. Of course giving her a sucker helped quite a bit!! Oh, going to eating lunch made her just forget about all of the pain that she just went through. Reagan did a wonderful job and now when we have to "turn HER earrings" she gets to turn my ear rings!! Great trade, I thought.

Unfortunately, the very next day we had to go through trauma, though!! Reagan loves to carry purses and our family was on our way into the church building. Reagan was caring Montana's church bag. Montana walks up next to Reagan to pick up her bag off Reagan's shoulder to carry it (because the bag IS bigger than Reagan) but Reagan insisted that she wanted to carry it!! Montana then put it back on her shoulder........when she did that, the handle clipped Reagan's ear ring and it popped off. The front of the earring going in one direction and the back in the other direction!! Remember......Reagan JUST got her ears pierced the day before......just barley 24 hours!!! I found the back but was having the hardest time finding the cute flower front. We are in the middle of the church parking lot and I am praying for help to find it. Just then the Brown family showed and Brother Brown asked what I was doing and I told him. Within 5 minutes he had found it!! What a blessing he was that day to me. Know it was time for surgery :D Reagan's ear was just bleeding and bleeding and I took her to the bath room to wash the earring and to clean up her ear. I had to use the help of Emily Robinson to hold Reagan's arms down because it was hurting so bad and rightly so.......Reagan wanted NOTHING to do with this. Next, it was time to put the medicine on and put the earring back in her ear. Realize that her earring has been out of her ear for about 15 minutes.......I got the earring in the front of the hole and it was time to push it through to the back!!! The ear had ALREADY started to seal I had to poke it through!! I felt sooooooo bad for her, all of this pain and suffering at such a little age and ALL BEFORE CHURCH!! After we got her earring back in and some loves given to her, I then took Reagan outside and said a prayer with bless her for being such a big girl and two...for there would be no infection!! That is what happened......her ear healed perfectly and there was no infection. What a big adventure for such a little.....but VERY stubborn little girl!! I LOVE YOU REAGAN :D

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We love to swim!!

****I know that it's November 1st and I am posting swimming pictures!!

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I think 5 out of the 7 days a week our family was swimming during the summer!! One pool we found we just loved and only made it there to swim a couple of times but every time we made it there we were just in heaven!! (don't remember the name but it's the one behind Basha High School) There are endless opportunities with a river run, water slides, kids play gym, lap lanes, a whirlpool and OUR FAV...... diving boards!! My little boys Austin and Payson we so very scared their very first time BUT after that I couldn't get them off!! Our family just LOVES water and with it so hot here in Arizona we'll be HAPPY to go swimming :D

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

6 inches gone

We "finally" did it!! We cut 6 inches off!!!!! This year Montana will turn 10. Montana has always wanted to grow out her we did. Montana's bangs are as long as her hair in this picture. She didn't want to look like she was we gave her a little makeover. Montana is growing up and fast too. For the past 2 months she has been asking to get her hair cut short......well we finally did it. Montana wasn't even sad at all, she was like "YEE HAW". Montana looks just beautiful with short hair. We can flip it up, curl it under, put it in pig tails (which looks really cute on her we've already tried that) or the best part "do nothing at all" and it looks perfect!!! I don't know why it took me so long to do this. Happy times for Mrs. Montana especially since summer is here and it is wicked hot.....she is really loving the short hair. You are beautiful Montana :) Love your family and especially MOM :o)

Smiling Lincoln

Yep, he's my child!! To be a part of "this" family you have to have a sense of humor!! Well, with Lincolns ultrasound picture and he is shooting us the "peace" sign and now he is not using is middle finger very nicely.................he fits right in!! :) Having Lincoln around has been such a blessing (Yes, they all are) but Lincoln likes to laugh, smile and he loves to talk (he's probably trying to tell us to get our poop together) :) He is ALWAYS happy.......yes, except for when he wants to eat.......other than that........HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!! He is a blessing to our family because he has so much love and joy that just emulates from him. We love him a ton and are most grateful for him. I only hope and pray that he is getting all the love and joy that he needs........just as he is sharing it so selflessly with us!! I love you Lincoln.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The little girls in their Easter dresses!!

It is so much fun to have a cousin the same age.......Morgan is older than Reagan by four months. Unfortunately they don't see each other as often as I would like. Hopefully they'll spend more time together when they get older and become great friends!! Until then we will have to dress them up alike and "make them like each other" ha ha

Easter 2009

Here are the children all dressed up for Easter..........looking good!! :)

What a wonderful time of the be able to sit and ponder all that Our Savior has done for us, all that HE has prepared for us.......IF only we will do our part. I love to teach my children of the goodness that comes from serving Our Savior. Our family is blessed to have SO MANY wonderful families that surround us that are perfect example of this. I am blessed in my life with Christ like parents, children who have a desire to follow Our Savior, siblings who love our Savior and to be sealed to my husband for time and all eternity. Yes, life is quite crazy and very hard.........fortunately my blessings out weigh the hard times that I am challenged with daily. It's quite sad that there are so many things that I am needing to GRATEFUL i am for a loving Savior who has a desire for be to become a better person. :)