Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smiling Lincoln

Yep, he's my child!! To be a part of "this" family you have to have a sense of humor!! Well, with Lincolns ultrasound picture and he is shooting us the "peace" sign and now he is not using is middle finger very nicely.................he fits right in!! :) Having Lincoln around has been such a blessing (Yes, they all are) but Lincoln likes to laugh, smile and he loves to talk (he's probably trying to tell us to get our poop together) :) He is ALWAYS happy.......yes, except for when he wants to eat.......other than that........HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!! He is a blessing to our family because he has so much love and joy that just emulates from him. We love him a ton and are most grateful for him. I only hope and pray that he is getting all the love and joy that he needs........just as he is sharing it so selflessly with us!! I love you Lincoln.

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