Saturday, December 27, 2008

Look at who got to sit on Santa's lap!?!?!

Can you believe it........he is almost 14 and still LOVES to go visit Santa and sit on his lap!! You'll also notice that Santa is not holding Dusty very tight AT ALL!! Dusty is wanting to sit there and reminisce with Santa!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Taylor and Emma

This is Taylor and Emma Bailey. They are conjoined twins who are not only members of my ward, but members of my family. They have a miraculous story with many miracles still waiting to unfold. Please visit their website. You can click on the link on my front page.
Many of us who love the Baileys are working on an enormous fundraiser set for Feb. 14, 2009, Valentine's Day. We'll have more information soon. We need your with raffle donations, a fun run, family activities such as petting zoo's, face painting, information, running booths...anything and everything. Monotary donations can be made from their website. If everyone gave a dollar, even your children who have nickles and dimes, the benefit would be magnificent. Their medical bills are enormous. We can take some of the weight that this family is shouldering. Think of what you can you can add to the fundraiser. Maybe you have movie tickets to donate. Perhaps you know people who would be willing to run in the fun run. We need you.
Discovery Health is re-airing their documentary on the twins on the following dates.
Dec. 14, 9:pm
Dec. 15, 1:pm
Dec. 24 3:pm & 7:pm

Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is Lincoln!!

You can not tell me that these children do not have personalities when they are still in the "oven cooking". Our family is very excited to have "Mr. Personality" come. All too quick he will be here. It has been nice having all of these holiday's here because towards the end I get very impatient........and I want the children here so I can hold them, love them and mostly kiss them!! Feb. 5th is when he is due.....but all of my children take up residency and do not want to come out until they are forced!!! (of course with love........get out!!!!!) So we will see when he REALLY will come. :)