Saturday, December 27, 2008

Look at who got to sit on Santa's lap!?!?!

Can you believe it........he is almost 14 and still LOVES to go visit Santa and sit on his lap!! You'll also notice that Santa is not holding Dusty very tight AT ALL!! Dusty is wanting to sit there and reminisce with Santa!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Taylor and Emma

This is Taylor and Emma Bailey. They are conjoined twins who are not only members of my ward, but members of my family. They have a miraculous story with many miracles still waiting to unfold. Please visit their website. You can click on the link on my front page.
Many of us who love the Baileys are working on an enormous fundraiser set for Feb. 14, 2009, Valentine's Day. We'll have more information soon. We need your with raffle donations, a fun run, family activities such as petting zoo's, face painting, information, running booths...anything and everything. Monotary donations can be made from their website. If everyone gave a dollar, even your children who have nickles and dimes, the benefit would be magnificent. Their medical bills are enormous. We can take some of the weight that this family is shouldering. Think of what you can you can add to the fundraiser. Maybe you have movie tickets to donate. Perhaps you know people who would be willing to run in the fun run. We need you.
Discovery Health is re-airing their documentary on the twins on the following dates.
Dec. 14, 9:pm
Dec. 15, 1:pm
Dec. 24 3:pm & 7:pm

Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is Lincoln!!

You can not tell me that these children do not have personalities when they are still in the "oven cooking". Our family is very excited to have "Mr. Personality" come. All too quick he will be here. It has been nice having all of these holiday's here because towards the end I get very impatient........and I want the children here so I can hold them, love them and mostly kiss them!! Feb. 5th is when he is due.....but all of my children take up residency and do not want to come out until they are forced!!! (of course with love........get out!!!!!) So we will see when he REALLY will come. :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Meet the Yost Family

Yes, I know I am quite a bit behind the times!!! People have been blogging for "YEARS" and Tanya is JUST now getting the hang of it. I am going to start my blog off with introducing each one of us, letting you know what we are doing and what we look like. Since it has been years since I have contacted some of you (and I am TOTALLY sorry about not keeping in touch....hopefully this will help me) and some of you don't even know who we all are!!! We love all of you so very much and are BLESSED to call you friends. Thank you for all your love, support and your prayers. Yes, as some of you know Reagan our youngest is almost 10 months and I am expecting our 8th child in a few weeks we are going to take family pictures and you will be able to see a more recent picture of all of us together. yea!!!

WOW!! This past two years have been very hard on Mr. Yost!! April of 2007 he had a stroke that took 5 years of his memory. Yep, he didn't know who 2 of his children were....Payson and River!! That was hard in it self but unfortunately that was just the beginning for our family and him. The stroke has left him these awful headaches that he has off and on but they last for days if not for weeks. Sunlight any light hurts, TV light is too bright sometimes. He is enduring this very well but it he is not reliable too much for work. So unfortunately almost a year ago we lost both of our vehicles and in March it will be a year that we lost our beautiful home. :( Through these trials though, our family has learned so very much. Our faith is stronger now than ever. We know that Our Father in Heaven is watching over and protecting us. Every time we fall or something bad happens, He ALWAYS has a way out for us. It may mean that we do some humbling....things we don't want to but have to to help our family. Reagan our youngest was born on Dec. 26th (so sad it is so close to Christmas.....) but I am pregnant again and due Feb. 5th. These two children coming to our family has also been a HUGE faith builder. If our life was so bad, why do these beautiful children still want to come to our family (especially when we are just getting by on what we have). The saying "I never said it would be easy, I just said that it would be worth it" is something that also keeps our family going forward. Our family is very blessed through all of this though because it could be ALOT harder than it is. We have each other, our health and our belief and deep love for our Savior. Through him ALL things are possible. :) My mother has been a HUGE blessing to us and we are very grateful to her for ALL that she has done for us and continues to do for us.
Andrew still works for Construction Monitor. Brad and him install window coverings on the side and are saving their money so they can go into business on their own. :)
As for me.......I have been pregnant the past few years. :) I love it though, I don't get sick......the only thing the past 5 children have sat on my left sciatic nerve and I limp the last 3 months. So not only am I big and fat with child but now I have this wonderful limp and I look ridicules walking. OH, well it only last for a short time and I have an angel from heaven in our family. If I have my wish and my prayer is that.......we will have 2 more children. Yes, that is 10 children. My children love all of their siblings; I do not hear anyone complaining about all of them. I remember when I was younger all I ever dreamed about was getting married and being a mother to lots of children. Well, here I am doing exactly what I dreamed. I just LOVE being a Mommy!! I have also been doing a Preschool for the past 9 years......5 years with a friend and 4 years out here on my own and I just love that also. I have about 12-14 beautiful children for 2 hours 3 days a week and than I send them home. Nothing can be better!! Someday I will get more to some of the hobbies that I love like scrapbook (I think I am only 10 years behind haha), quilting, sewing, woodworking, crafts of all sorts......all in due time. :) Also, I will go back to school and I will cry, cry, cry!!! School is very important and I will enjoy learning what I should have learned back in high school.
WOW!! I am so impressed with Dusty this past year. He is growing up so very fast and just an all around good guy....yep not a little boy no more. He is in 7th grade and has A's and B's. He loves to make people laugh, I think that is one of the qualities that I love most about Dusty!! He made the 8th grade baseball team and they ended up getting 2nd in the league. Now he is trying out for football. I know my BIGGEST baby is going to play football. I guess all those years of tackling his Uncle Robert and Brad are going to come in handy!! Good Luck!!! ( he will find out on Tuesday)
Ms. Cheyenna, what can I say about little Miss Mommy!!!! She is 12 now and acts like she's much older. She is a "natural" at taking care of children. Yes, I know she has to but she is really good at it and it has even paid off at babysitting for others!! Everyone loves Cheyenna, she has a little bit of the "snotty" going on, hopefully we'll nip that in the tail end!!! I know she gets the "snotty" and attitude from me and boy that saying "what goes around, come around". I remember the attitudes I would give my parents........and she is doing the same thing, I just laugh. (she doesn't like it much) She too is in 7th grade and getting A's and B's. She too tried out for softball and is now trying out for volleyball. She is a wonderful daughter and has a beautiful spirit and her laugh will make you laugh!! :)
Montana is turning 9 on Saturday!!! She too is great at taking care of children.....she loves to play!! Montana is smart.....she wants to be a Doctor when she gets older.......I am all for that so she can help take care of my old body. :) She is a dear friend to all that she meets and loves to listen to her friends problems and than give them advice as to what to do. I guess if the Doctor thing doesn't work out, she can become a Psychologist!!

Here are our 3 boyz!!! They work together in all things. :) Boy, are we looking forward to their teenage years............

Austin, he is 5 1/2!!! We say "If Austin can't do it than it can't be done". This boy is a natural with his coordination. His throw is dead on........yep, I am hoping for a baseball player. This year he is in Kindergarten and just loves it!!! We will go to the park to play and there is always a girls or two that are there...."Hi Austin". Austin just smiles and walks away. I say hey, aren't you going to go play with them......NOPE!!! Hopefully we can keep him away from girls for a few more years! :) Austin has a beautiful smile he is thoughtful but on the same hand loves to play by himself. It is so fun to watch these children grow up!

Mr. Montgomery......SWEET SWEET little boy. He has one of the biggest hearts. LOVES little children and dogs. With River and now even Reagan he just loves to pick them up and help them......than it also gets to the point where the little children want to do things on their own and they can not because Payson is right there to do it for them. :) He has a few stuffed animal dogs and each one of them has a "collar and a leash". Those things are VERY important to him. If he can not find one then he makes one up.......with a shoe lace, rope.......ANYTHING!! At age 4 he has been blessed with a BIG heart and extremely thoughtful. We love him dearly.

River age 2 1/2!!!!! Cute as a button.......boy if it is quiet in the home better find Riv because he's into something and making a mess. Out of all of my children I have never had a child who love to color on walls.......with ANYTHING!!! We have had to invest in the stock of Mr. Clean because those sponges have been a HUGE life saver. Now being the mom who wants to teach her children to clean up their messes so they "hopefully" will not want to make those messes again. Well River colors on the walls and than goes and gets a Mr. Clean sponge and wipes it all away! hummmmmm He too has a very big heart......stinkin cute......loves to help out with WHATEVER you are doing. Yes, we are hoping this stays around for ummmm..........FOREVER or at least until he moves out!!
Little Miss first was quiet and cute and quiet. Now Missy Lou at age 10 months has quite a nice SCREAM she has perfected!!! I was at Costco with Reagan and Riv and I was looking at the trout......Riv stands up out of his seat and leans over the side to touch the fish. Miss Reagan is sitting next to him hitting his bottom and saying what ever she says. It was just like she was saying "River sit down or you'll fall". Another lady was watching and just laughed and said "you have a Miss Mommy there don't you". Answer: yes, I do!!! She is not scared for her voice to be heard. Which will come in handy with her trying to help keep her older brothers in line and than to help out with baby Lincoln when he comes in Feb. Her favorite friend is River though. River comes around her and she just lights up like's like they are best friends. Very cute.

Lincoln Memphis Yost is due February 5th, 2009.